Our Process

Your Logo

If you have a logo, all you need to do is email us a copy – preferably as a vector file, but a .jpeg or .pdf is also fine.

We then digitize it. This means we basically tell our embroidery machines how to sew the logo. We can pretty much sew anything.

We do all this digitizing work in house. Vanessa, who has been at Sew Hot for 18 years, is our expert at doing this. She is extremely particular, and works incredibly hard to ensure this is done to the most exacting standards. Most embroidery businesses now get this service done overseas, and it is often not up to a standard we consider good enough. This is why we still do this ourselves.

At every stage during the set up process we will keep you informed. After we have digitized the design we will send you a .pdf proof. If it looks OK, we will then stitch you a sample to confirm you are happy.

Quantity and price

There are no minimum orders, however for one-off jobs set up fees can be slightly higher than for those we will do repeat business for.

Once images are digitized we do not charge any additional set up fees (unless you change your design).

Minimum charge is $6.50 plus GST.

What can we do?

We can stitch onto most fabrics – including leather and wool (some very stretchy fabrics are not able to be stitched onto) – we can embroider onto school bags, caps, beanies, fleeces, any type of clothing and much much more!

We can also make badges – so if you wanted something covered up we can do this too.

Minimum stitched lettering size is 5mm. Maximum finished image size is 300mm.

We can stitch up to 15 colours per design.